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Create ART with WildfireART.

Generate art with the power of AI. Create unique art pieces with WILDFIREART


Text to Image

Transform your words into stunning visuals with our Advanced AI technology. Simply imagine and hit genertrate button.

A grand tree, Autumn leaves, in a cartoon style. scattered leaves, a clear blue sky, casting a long shadow.

How to generate

Use your imagination to craft an original piece of text. You’ll want to provide as much detail as possible for the best generation. You can also use our AI Prompt generator - it can be your perfect copilot.

Change settings like resolution, samples, cfg scale, Interference Steps, and custom seed such that AI Generator gets trained on your liking. PRO tip: use 1024 x 1024 resolutions for XL based models and 512 x 512 for else.

Once you’ve chosen all your settings, you are a step away of getting your imagination painted on a canvas. Click on the generate button and let the magic happen.

Image to Image

Evolve existing images into new artworks by adding your creative touch through AI-enhanced editing.

How to generate

Upload an image you’d like to change or transform. You’ll be able to adjust the image’s style, tweak the subject, but the original image is what the AI Generator will use as a starting point before generating image.

Describe the image in a prompt, you can use the same prompt if the image uploaded is already a generated image. A more detailed prompt AI Generator will give more accurate results. cfg scale will yield more creative results, while with a high cfg scale AI Generator will stick to the details in prompt.

you can also use the advanced settings to make further refinements, A lower cfg scale will get more creative results, while with a high cfg scale AI Generator will stick to the details in prompt, Thats it! hit the generate button and let the magic happen.

Inpaint Image

Upload your images, a few brush strokes, and watch as AI Enhances the image create a seamless masterpiece.

Blue eyes, radiating sapphire light.

How to generate

Upload an image you'd like to inpaint, use brush strokes to specify where you want the AI Generator to inpaint the image.

Type in the detailed prompt of how you want the image to be inpainted, the more detailed the prompt, the more accurate the results will be. You can also use the AI Prompt Generator to help your imagination.

If you want to make further refinements, you can use the advanced settings to adjust the resolution, samples, cfg scale, and interference steps. Once you’re ready, hit the generate button and watch the magic unfold.

Get Discovered

Generate images from WildfireArt and share to get discovered

Generate and get discovered

Generate images from wildfireart and get discovered by the community. Share your work through WildfireArt and earn rewards.

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